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The Next Big Writer

The Next Big Writer

How to submit

How to join?

You just have to create an account on and add your username in the itself by raising a PR so that we can add you as a contributor.

[👉 Go to GitHub repo](

Once your username is added you can select "The Next Big Writer" under publications on hashnode to submit your draft.

Telegram group for questions and update

Please join the telegram group and connect with your mentors. We will be able to answer your questions here as well.
Group link 👉

How to Contribute?

The current workflow for submitting a post is as follows:

  1. Clone this repository - git clone
  2. Create a branch - git checkout -b post/your-post-name
  3. Move into the subdirectory of your chosen topic, e.g react
  4. Create a directory of your chosen topic. example: top-10-node-tricks
  5. Create a new file with the naming convention of inside the created directory.
  6. Write your post
  7. Commit the post to the repo
  8. Create a pull request on master
  9. In the pull request title, put the title of your post - Add My Post Title
  10. Submit the pull request. Feedback and reviews will be done of pull-request.
  11. Submit to our hashnode publication after review.

What about topics?

We will be adding topics as issues and you can comment "I want to take this" on them. Once you're done with your first draft, send a pull request and reference your "issue". We will merge the PR after review and mark it as completed 🎉. You can also choose your topic as per your comfort level. Just create an issue with your topic name and drop the "I'm taking this" comment. This will make sure only one person is writing on one topic.